Friday, July 26, 2013

Attorney General Eric Holder's full court press in Moscow

Yet another wasted effort to move an unbudgeable Vladimir Putin in the Edward Snowden case

Guadalajara -
One week ago today confessed kidnapper and former CIA agent Robert Seldon Lady nicely made his way from Panama back to the U.S. Lady fled Italy six years ago, after orchestrating a 2003 operation in Milan which resulted in the "extraordinary rendition" of an Islamic cleric to Egypt, where he was subjected to torture for the next four years. Lady was convicted by an Italian court in 2009, and sentenced to eight years in prison. He's been on the lam ever since. Ex-CIA agent detained in Panama quickly returns to U.S..

There is an outstanding international arrest warrant for Lady, but the Justice Department has diligently avoided commenting on the case. The head man at Justice, U.S. attorney general Eric Holder, did have time this week to dispatch a letter to Moscow, assuring his counterpart that neither torture nor a death sentence is in store for Edward Snowden if the Russians will just hand him over. Perhaps the A.G. should call upon Mr. Rendition himself, Bob Lady . . . he's rather experienced in these matters.

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