Monday, July 8, 2013

Raúl Castro complains: Cubans are better educated, but many remain socially uncouth

"They urinate in the streets, and do their business in city parks"

This taxi displays the Cuban national colors . . . but it's permanently parked in Guadalajara, at a bar

Guadalajara -
Marxist discipline is a concept which has been lost upon the new generation of Cubans, according to the island's 82 year old president.

At the close of a two day parliamentary session in Havana yesterday, Raúl Castro gave a reportedly haranguing speech to deputies, berating Cuban society for improprieties ranging from street crime to urinating in public to the "raising of hogs within city limits."

Raúl, brother of and successor to Fidel since 2006, condemned "the moral decadence, the lack of a sense of civil responsibility and the disappearance of values such as honor, decency and decorum," according to those lucky enough to have a front seat for the performance extraordinaire.

And that wasn't all. The president and first secretary of the Cuban Communist Party railed about illegal home construction, the street sale of potions, worthless curatives and medicinal products, the "clandestine sacrifice of livestock" (where that pastime is occurring, Raúl didn't say) and a society preoccupied with gambling and games of chance.

Cuban young people are "socially undisciplined," Castro told the legislative deputies. "They yell and curse, use all types of obscenities on the street, drink liquor in public and drive while they're drunk, throw trash out along the road - there are even people who attend to their basic necessities in parks."

"When I reflect on all of this, it seems to me that despite the undeniable educational advances since the revolution (1958), we've taken a step back in cultural sophistication and public pride," said Castro. "I have the bitter feeling we're a society more well educated, to be sure, but not necessarily a society more cultivated."

Ed. note: If Castro is troubled by public urination and the street sale of medicinal potions, it's a good thing he doesn't live on MGR's street . . . just two blocks beyond "classy" Colonia Americana. Not to mention that tavern right next door - the one that calls itself a "cultural center." Raúl needs to visit the GMZ, for a reality check.

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Those who were role models for an earlier generation of Cuban revolutionaries would be ashamed

Karl Marx, 1818-1883; Ernesto "Che" Guevara, 1928-1967.

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