Saturday, July 13, 2013

No slouch on the track, that Peña Nieto

*Updated Mar. 22, 2014*
Original story:
Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto turned in a nifty time in a Mexico City 10K (6.2 mile) run this morning. The event, in Chapultepec Woods, was put on by the Estado Mayor Presidencial - Mexico's Secret Service. The 46 year old president posted a very respectable 54 minutes, 11 seconds - that's about an eight and a half minute mile. Fittingly, Peña Nieto displayed runner bib # 1 . . . and his hair was still perfect at the finish line.

July 14 update: Yucatán governor Rolando Zapata ran in the same race, the Mérida press reported today, and finished behind the president, with a time of 58:08. "He exploded out of the gates," wrote Diario de Yucatán, "but quickly fell in with the peloton" (the main group of runners). Both of the PRI politicians were smoked by the pros: the men's winning time was 31:43, and the women's 38:25.

Mar. 22, 2014 - EPN - a self-described "Marathon Man" (politically) delivered an encore today, and it was even better. He ran another 10K in 53 minutes flat. A very good time for an occasional amateur. "I love to run," said the president after crossing the finish line.

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