Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"¿Por qué deberíamos preocuparnos?"

MGR's view -

"It's very early to take on a triumphal attitude, but the trend is already apparent" - Mexico's Secretary of Government Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, addressing what he called drug war progress on April 10

America's beloved Alfred E. Neuman* made the question famous.

Three reasons:
1. Michoacán
2. Guerrero
3. Chihuahua

May 23 - Fiasco in Michoacán suggests little has changed under new government
July 25 - Federals will remain in Michoacán, promises Peña Nieto
July 28 - Mexican vice admiral killed in further Michoacán violence
Aug. 25 - Civilian militias soar, with citizen police now patrolling 50 counties in 13 Mexican states
Aug. 27 - Mexican press: PRI government is lying about drug war deaths - the real number is 13,775, in just eight months

* No other resemblance intended.
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