Sunday, July 28, 2013

Three federal employees executed in Guadalajara suburb

Guadalajara -
Three men believed to be employees of Mexico's federal social development department were found shot to death last night in Zapopan, a sprawling suburban area just beyond the city limits of the Jalisco state capital.

Zapopan is the equivalent of a county or township in the U.S., and consists of many separate communities.

The victims, whose ages were estimated by police at 35, 55 and 60, where found in the town of Nextipac about 9:30 p.m. Saturday. Police do not know what their business was, but residents said they had observed the men driving around for several hours earlier in the day. Nextipac, northwest of Guadalajara proper, is home to 3,500 people. This weekend residents are celebrating its founding.

Two of the dead men were inside a government pickup truck carrying the SEDESOL emblem. The third was laying on the ground next to the vehicle. All had gunshot wounds to the body and head. The truck displayed plates from Edomex, the state of Mexico, which is just beyond Mexico City limits.

SEDESOL is a cabinet level department of Mexico's federal government.

Jalisco state police investigators found 28 expended .9 mm shells on the scene. A damaged vehicle which police believe the assailants used in the attack was found nearby. It carried license tags issued in the Federal District.

No suspects have been identified nor motive suggested by authorities. Some residents told police the SEDESOL employees had displayed "hostility" to locals earlier in the day.

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