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Common crime, Guadalajara style

It's not just drug cartels you have to worry about in Jalisco

*Updated Aug. 16*
This brutal assault occurred in a busy commercial area Thursday, July 25. Neither police nor the state prosecutor have issued any statement on the case. Passersby didn't seem particularly concerned, either.

Guadalajara -
The victim, 60, was attacked at 1:20 p.m, just after he had withdrawn 140,000 pesos ($11,200 USD) from a local bank. Although it's not visible in the video, the assailant beat the man with a handgun.

Robberies and other attacks by motoladrónes - motorcycle bandits - are common in this city. They attract little attention and are capable of making quick getaways, at times abruptly crossing median strips to reverse direction, or fleeing down sidewalks.

Police recommend that bank customers be particularly vigilant when exiting with a cash withdrawal, at any hour of the day. Street criminals frequently monitor ATM locations and wait for unsuspecting victims, even in high traffic areas like this one.

No suspects have been identified in this case, and it's doubtful that any will be.

July 27 - This story follows up on the case. Guadalajara police say they are going to be especially vigilant for motorcycles hanging out near banks and ATM machines, of which there are thousands in the city. They believe that three men were involved in Thursday's attack: the assailant, the driver and a third person who was monitoring the bank, perhaps even inside it. By chance, police theorize, the "hawk" noticed the victim withdrawing a large sum of cash, and gave the go ahead to his compatriots. The victim, who told police that he thought he was going to die, is recovering in a hospital. He owns a business just a few blocks away, and had withdrawn the money to meet the bimonthly payroll.

July 28 - Crime with impunity, while terrorized witnesses stood by and did nothing.

Aug. 16 - Guadalajara police now say the assailants in this case almost certainly had assistance from someone inside the bank, possibly an employee. A story in the local press today reports that robbery collaborators often loiter in banks or near ATM machines, observing how much money a customer withdraws and even where he stashes it on his person. The information is then quickly relayed via cell phone or text message to confederates waiting nearby, who carry out the assault. "Soplones" colaboran en asaltos a cuentahabientes: Policía tapatía.

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A common sight all over Guadalajara, and in hundreds of other Mexican cities

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