Monday, July 22, 2013

"Dog killers of Kankab" outrage Yucatán residents

The power of social media reaches even remote Mayan villages

Tekax de Álvaro Obregón, Yucatán -
There are matazetas - Zeta killers - and then there are mataperros - dog killers. In this provincial town just southeast of the state capital of Mérida, they're more focused on the latter these days, although they're well aware a few of the former could be hanging around, too.

One Caridad Gonzáles Cuervo told local police that she was driving through Kankab township recently when she noticed a young man on a bike, dragging something behind him with ropes taut. On closer inspection she realized they were the bodies of dogs, one still convulsing. The man admitted that he did it for sport, a fact confirmed by residents in the area.

Moreover, Caridad (her name means "charity") learned that dog and cat killing are popular pastimes in this economically depressed region of the sprawling Yucatán peninsula, far off the beaten path of the rest of Mexico. Nothing is more common in this country than perros cajelleros - street canines (and felines) of which no one claims ownership. Potential victims are thus unlimited.

So Gonzáles is on a crusade now, demanding that new Yucatán laws increasing penalties for animal abuse be strictly enforced. The state statutes went into effect on June 1, and provide for a penalty of three months to one year in jail, plus a fine of 50 to 100 salarios minimos. The latter term refers to the daily minimum wage. It's less than $5 USD these days, but a fine of $250-$500 is huge in this nation, and may cause some to give the sport a second thought.

Meanwhile, Los mataperros de Kankab are getting national attention in Mexico. The story went viral in the social media after someone posted the photo above.

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