Monday, July 1, 2013

President Correa to Wikileaks' Julian Assange: ¡Cállate!

Enough already, says Ecuadorian president

Guadalajara -
Rafael Correa, never one to mince words, had two today for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who's been vacationing in Ecuador's London embassy for over a year: Shut up.

It was Assange, of course, who first encouraged on-the-lam U.S. contractor Edward Snowden to head south to La República Ecuatoriana, although the latest news suggests that Snowden may have opted for a significantly cooler climate.

Correa told Agence France Presse today, "A mí sí me molestó un poquito la actuación de Assange, y esta mañana hablé con el canciller para que le transmita que no se refiera a situaciones de nuestro país."

"Yes, Julian Assange's behavior irritated me a bit, so this morning I spoke with our foreign minister (Ricardo Patiño) so he could convey a message: Assange is not to refer to (diplomatic) situations involving our country. He will make no further statements on behalf of Ecuador."

Apparently what particularly irked president Correa was Assange's reference to U.S. vice president Joe Biden's telephone call to Correa last week, which the latter praised as respectful. Of course the call was also plainly intended to persuade Correa to deny Snowden's request for political asylum, a point which Assange drove home in statements to the press in London. Correa didn't like that one bit.

"Never would I have tolerated a call designed to pressure me. The vice president was very friendly, very courteous. What Assange did (publicly commenting on the call) was not correct."

Correa emphasized again that Ecuador will not rule on Snowden's petition unless and until he is in national territory. "If he does make it to Ecuador, the moment he arrives we'll begin the procedures."

The president said that press reports that Snowden has asked Russia to accept him could provide a "definitive solution" to the diplomatic mess, which has involved at least a half dozen countries on both sides of the planet. Quito, it appears, is quickly tiring of the long running drama.

Edward Snowden can probably forget about tropical weight clothing. He won't need it. And Julian Assange had best lay low, or he may find himself headed for cooler latitudes as well: Stockholm.

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