Tuesday, June 19, 2012

As 2012 presidential campaign draws to a close, Mexico's inconvenienced children hope, and dream of better days

"Niños orgullosos hablan a los candidatos" - Mexico's proud and hopeful children speak one last time to three men and one woman who are vying for the right to lead the nation for the next 72 months

You don't have to understand a single word of Spanish to be moved by this very touching video called "Proud Children," which made its debut last week. Speaking directly to each of the four presidential candidates, these handsome kids share a glimpse of what they see - and expect - for Mexico, "in the shortest time possible." As the clip illustrates, prominent in their dream for a better day is a political house thoroughly cleansed from top to bottom.

Compare and contrast it to their organization's April release (below), which carried a much more sinister, and depressing, message. Click on the MGRR April 12 story for a detailed description of what happens in that video.

April 12 - Mexico's "Inconvenienced Children": http://mexicogulfreporter.blogspot.mx/2012/04/mexicos-inconvenienced-children.html.

"Mexico has already hit bottom. If this is the future waiting for me, I don't want it," said the young narrator in this controversial YouTube posting. It infuriated some in political circles, but caused millions of Mexicans to pause and reflect on where their country is headed.

Se reúne Peña Nieto con los llamados "niños incómodos"

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