Friday, June 22, 2012

Playa del Carmen police officer executed, after hit men arrive by taxi

Grenades in a cab, along the luxurious Riviera Maya - the work of Los Pelones

*Updated June 23*
Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo -
A 36 year old commander on the Playa del Carmen municipal police force was executed last night as he arrived home at the end of his shift. His brother-in-law, 30, was riding with him, and was also killed in the attack which occurred about 8:30 p.m.

The men had just parked in front of the nine year veteran's home in Solidaridad when two sicarios arrived in a taxi and opened fire with semi-automatic weapons. The victims were hit by .9 mm rounds, and both died at the scene.

By good detective work and a bit of luck police located the taxi within minutes. They found nine hand grenades, three bullet-proof vests and other tactical equipment in the vehicle. The driver admitted his participation and led authorities to the two executioners, who were arrested. All three men remain in custody. The taxi driver is a 32 year old Yucatán native.

Police say the motive was "revenge": Doble ejecución.

Taxi drivers frequently work for or with organized crime in Quintana Roo state (see below).

Playa del Carmen, only minutes south of Cancún, is the center of increasing narco violence. The Solidaridad district has been particularly hard hit in recent months:
Riviera Maya hotel owner refuses to pay the "rent," so extortionists execute him
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June 23: Police today said the executions were the work of a gang known as Los Pelones, about which MGRR has published many articles. Several members, including the alleged hit men, are in custody. The executioners are 39 and 20. Authorities say they targeted the Playa del Carmen police commander because he was "interfering" with their local marijuana operation. One of them has also admitted to this brutal crime in April, which the victim narrowly survived: Los Pelones strike again in Riviera Maya. They may be connected to last week's murder of a Playa del Carmen hotel owner, according to this source: Riviera Maya hotel owner refuses to pay "rent," extortionists execute him.

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More on Quintana Roo taxi drivers who work with drug cartels and organized crime
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Spanish news sources for this report
Doble ejecución
Presos, dos Pelones
Comandante policial ejecutado por Los Pelones
Capturan a cinco Pelones que habrían ejecutado a jefe policíaco en Playa.

Another day in the beach resort of Playa del Carmen. Will similar horrors eventually arrive in popular Yucatán sea fronts like Progreso? Some say no, but offer few convincing reasons.

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