Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mexico offers $5 million pesos for "traitor agents" in slaying of three fellow officers

Wanted killer posed in Facebook with guns in hand

Two Mexican Federal Police agents who executed three fellow officers in the Mexico City International Airport on Monday morning (June 24) have been identified by the Secretary of Public Security (SSP) as Daniel Cruz García and Zeferino Morales Franco. Another agent, Bogard Lugo de León, was named as an accomplice. Their whereabouts are not known.

A five million peso reward (about $357,000 USD) has been offered for their capture. A high ranking SSP official told a press conference this afternoon that they were "traitors."

Lugo de León had worked with the Federal Police for four years. Cruz García and Morales Franco each had served two years with the department.

The agency acknowledged Tuesday that a narcotics distribution ring operating out of the airport sent "huge amounts" of cocaine to the United States and Spain in the cargo holds of commercial aircraft. The SSP said Mexican Federal Police officers and customs agents were involved in the far flung conspiracy, which came to public attention Monday when the two officers shot and killed their three fellow agents, who were attempting to arrest them in a busy airport terminal ("Narco Feds" operating out of Mexico City airport sent huge amount of drugs to U.S., Europe, aided by Mexican customs agents; Three dead in DF airport shooting). Other government agencies and personnel also are under criminal investigation, authorities said.

The SSP official said that on the morning they were murdered the three Federal Police officers, who were working undercover for the intelligence division of the department, learned that Zeferino Morales Franco had just picked up a package containing cocaine from an airport restroom. The restroom, located in the flight arrival area of Terminal 2, is available to disembarking passengers before they pass through immigration control. The package had been left there, concealed, by a passenger who had arrived on a flight from Lima, Peru, and who was working with the narcotics smuggling ring. The officers knew that Morales Franco was carrying the drugs under his uniform.


When the three intelligence officers approached Morales Franco to arrest him, agent Daniel Cruz García came upon the scene, saw what was happening and shot the officers multiple times. They were able to return fire, but two died on the scene, and a third expired a short time later at a local hospital. The corrupt agents ran off and escaped the airport complex. One or both may have been wounded in the brief but fierce gun battle.

Agent Bogard Lugo de León, also a member of the conspiracy, was on duty in another part of the airport. When he learned what had happened, he abandoned his post and fled. None of the suspects has been seen since.

In today's press conference the SSP official said the drugs left in the restroom on Monday were intended for local distribution in the nation's Federal District.

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El pistolero Bogard Lugo de León shows off in Facebook, before he was tagged with a $5 million peso bounty. He'll have to update his timeline now.

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